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                  Welding robot 20kg

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                  • Details
                  · The load is 10KG, and the wingspan is nearly 2 meters. The design is highly compact, and it can be flexibly installed on the ground or upside down.
                  · Large working space, fast running speed, high repeat positioning accuracy, suitable for welding, spraying, loading and unloading, handling, sorting, assembly and other applications, with a wide range of applications.
                  · Equipped with a safety emergency stop board independent of the control system, adopts a safety relay circuit, and provides external double-circuit emergency stop to ensure the reliability of the emergency stop.
                  · The main body cable adopts high-flexible robot special cable.
                  · Built-in three-phase transformer, 380V and 200V for isolation, the power supply is more stable. Built-in three-phase filter, effectively improve EMC and EMI performance.
                  · The body provides dual-circuit air pipes to meet the needs of welding and handling.


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