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                  • 型號:

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                  • 主要組成部分:

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                  • 全自動KN95口罩機
                  • 平面一拖一口罩機
                  • 平面焊耳機
                  • KN95焊耳機



                  • 產品詳情



                  產品尺寸: 市面流通尺寸折疊型口罩,可根據產品圖紙設計刀模;
                  材料幅寬: 建議幅寬:240mm,兼容幅寬:260mm 
                  產能范圍:   100-120片/分鐘
                  適用電源:   220V/380V,50HZ/60HZ
                  適用氣源:   0.5∽0.7Mpa 
                  額定功率:   7.5kw 
                  機器尺寸:   料架:1650 x 700 x 1700;本體:2200 x 600 x 1500;尾端:2000 x 700 x 1900;
                  機器重量: 分節計重,單節不超 200KG
                  Product size: Foldable masks in circulation size on the market, knife molds can be designed according to product drawings;
                  Material width: Recommended width: 240mm, compatible width: 260mm
                  Capacity range: 80~100 pieces/minute
                  Applicable power supply: 220V/380V, 50HZ/60HZ
                  Applicable air source: 0.5∽0.7Mpa
                  Rated power: 7.5kw
                  Machine size: Material rack: 1650 x 700 x 1700; Body: 2200 x 600 x 1500; End: 2000 x 700 x 1900;
                  Machine weight: weighted in sections, no more than 200KG per section
                  本設備是一拖一全自動魚型口罩機,可生產適用于韓國 KF94、日本 DS2 的魚嘴型口罩產品,口罩尺寸可訂制、外觀可訂制;整個機臺從打片到耳帶焊接都實現了高度自動化,操作簡單、方便,體積小,利于場地規劃;此機臺技術成熟、穩定可靠,故障率極低,產品已遠銷韓國、越南、日本等國家,深受好評。
                  整個機臺由三段組成,分別是料架(1650mm x 700mm x1700mm)、本體(2200mm x 600mm x1500mm)和尾(2000mm x 700mm x 1900mm)。其中料架和本體組合又稱打片機,尾端又稱之為打耳帶機。
                  This equipment is a one-to-one fully automatic fish mask machine, which can produce fish mouth mask products suitable for KF94 in Korea and DS2 in Japan. The size and appearance of the mask can be customized; the entire machine is from filming to ear strap welding All have achieved a high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation, small size, which is conducive to site planning; the technology of this machine is mature, stable and reliable, and the failure rate is extremely low. The products have been exported to South Korea, Vietnam, Japan and other countries and are well received.
                  The whole machine is composed of three sections, which are the material rack (1650mm x 700mm x1700mm), the main body (2200mm x 600mm x1500mm) and the tail (2000mm x 700mm x 1900mm). The combination of material rack and body is also called punching machine, and the end is also called ear punching machine.
                  傳統的 KF94 口罩產品總共有四層,其中中間兩層為熔噴層,起到過濾效果。建議機臺用布幅寬為
                  240mm,但是也可以使用常規的 260mm 幅寬的布料。如下為用料建議表:
                  由外至內(幅寬 240 或 260)
                  第一層 SS 級 50 克無紡布 最外層
                  第二層 99 級 25 克熔噴布
                  第三層 99 級 25 克熔噴布
                  第四層 SS 級 25 克無紡布 最內層
                  備注:僅為建議用料,KF94 口罩產品質量很大程度上取決于用料。
                  Material recommendations
                  The traditional KF94 mask product has a total of four layers, of which the middle two layers are melt blown layers, which have a filtering effect. The cloth width of the machine is recommended to be
                  240mm, but you can also use conventional 260mm width fabric. The following is a table of material recommendations:
                  From outside to inside (width 240 or 260)
                  The first layer SS grade 50 g non-woven fabric outermost layer
                  The second layer 99 grade 25 g melt blown cloth
                  The third layer 99 grade 25 g melt blown cloth
                  The fourth layer SS grade 25 g non-woven fabric innermost layer
                  Remarks: It is only a suggested material. The quality of KF94 masks largely depends on the material used.
                  1. 使用該機器的生產車間應保持整潔干凈。
                  2. 機器的外觀要保持整潔干凈,要求經常擦洗。
                  3. 機器的滑動部件應經常注入無污染潤滑油。
                  4. 長時間不用機器時,為防止灰塵應將機器罩上。
                  5. 長時間不用機器時,應將機器的輸入電源切斷。
                  6. 長時間不用機器時,應將機器易生銹部分涂上防護油。
                  Normal maintenance of equipment
                  1. The production workshop where the machine is used should be kept clean and tidy.
                  2. The appearance of the machine should be kept clean and tidy, and frequent scrubbing is required.
                  3. The sliding parts of the machine should be filled with pollution-free lubricating oil frequently.
                  4. When the machine is not used for a long time, the machine should be covered to prevent dust.
                  5. When the machine is not used for a long time, the input power of the machine should be cut off.
                  6. When the machine is not used for a long time, the rust-prone parts of the machine should be coated with protective oil.
                  1. 除另有書面要求外,需方負責接收、開箱和搬運單元器到安裝場所;并準備相關的電,氣等到安
                  2. 供方負責進行設備的安裝,調試和系統集成。
                  3. 安裝完畢后,雙方對其設備進行小批量試產,小批試產合格并得到需方的批準才能投入正式量
                  4. 供方免費為需方相關人員進行培訓。內容包括設備的正常使用、維護保養、故障分析與排除、
                  Installation, commissioning and training
                  1. Unless otherwise written requirements, the purchaser is responsible for receiving, unpacking and transporting the unit to the installation site; and prepares the relevant electricity and gas until the installation
                  Installation site.
                  2. The supplier is responsible for equipment installation, commissioning and system integration.
                  3. After the installation is completed, both parties will conduct a small batch trial production of their equipment. The small batch trial production is qualified and approved by the purchaser before it can be put into formal volume.
                  4. The supplier provides free training for relevant personnel on the demand side. The content includes the normal use of equipment, maintenance, fault analysis and troubleshooting,
                  Operational safety and emergency procedures, etc.