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The Cable Carousel™ is a cable organizer  designed to serve as a beautiful solution for keeping your desk, dresser, drawer, or nightstand tidy and your device cables off the floor.

Best of all, it’s completely re-usable. The adhesive base is made of a nano-polymer that can be cleaned off with water and re-used over and over again!

Here is a short video we made to demonstrate this to our Kickstarter backers.

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A beautiful solution for keeping your cables off the floor.

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Premium Materials

The Cable Carousel is made from aircraft grade aluminum and uses an advanced nano-polymer for its reusable adhesive base.

Size Matters

Accommodates 6-8 standard thickness micro-USB or lightening cables; Despite being only 1.75″ in diameter and less than an inch tall.

Cable Carousel Thickness Comparison

Elegant Design

Other cable organizers are made of low quality plastic and look out of placed next to modern high-quality mobile devices.

Color Choice

Available in Silver, Black or Gold.

Accommodates cables up to 0.25″ in diameter.

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Dimensions9 × 5 × 3 in

Black, Silver, Gold