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We’re not afraid to call ourselves nerds here at Minimael… and for a long time, we’ve wanted a sample of the periodic table on our desk. So, we made them, and now you can grab a set too!

Element Blocks are a set of 1″ laser-engraved cubes made of 4 or 5 different materials, with an anodized aluminum stand.

This product originated on Kickstarter and was brought to life thanks to over 2,500+ satisfied customers.

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Iron – It’s density immediately makes it feel super heavy compared to say, aluminum or titanium. This material alloyed with a little bit of carbonĀ and chromium, makes stainless-steel which is nearly twice as strong as aluminum.

Copper – Slightly more dense than iron, yet almost twice as weak. This material shines in it’s thermal and electrical conductivity.

Aluminum – Lightweight, yet strong. This material is extremely popular for applications where lightweight strength is needed.

Titanium – An ‘exotic’ of the bunch. This material is often used in lightweight applications where aluminum just isn’t strong enough.

Tungsten – Another ‘exotic’ material. Super dense, very hard to work and manufacture with. But extremely hard and strong. This is the metal you use when you need to cut other metals.

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Don’t iron and copper oxidize/patina/rust?

All metals oxidize under certain conditions, but you can easily prevent this from taking place. That said, the copper and iron will form a beautiful patina over time if you allow it to take place. The iron cube is technically low-carbon steel (approximately ~96% Iron) so if you would like to keep a patina from happening, be sure to regularly apply a very thin layer of oil to the “Fe” cube. As for the copper cube, we passivate each copper block to prevent oxidizing. But a patina can be kept from forming by cleaning with vinegar, lemon juice, or alcohol.

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5 Piece Set, 4 Piece Set